About Me

Hello and welcome to my blog, my name is Darjan Djamtovski and currently I’m working as Senior AutomationTester. My interests in the QA world are writing automation tests, performance testing and security testing (in which I have certification for cyber attack and cyber defense).

Also I’m interested in mobile development of Android and iOS application, which I have been working in the past as freelancer (before my current role and position as QA). Combining the experience of a developer and a QA allows me to look in the direction in which the product may show defects, and also write solid code structure for the automation tests, that is going to increase the reusability and scalability of the automation solution.

In this blog I’m going to cover mostly topics on which I’m interested, trying new fancy frameworks / libraries, differences when using different methodologies etc. All the examples that I have provided in this blog are not connected with daily work as QA or my past work that I have worked as freelancer, for more information you can check the legal page.

If you have interesting idea, or topic that you want to be included in the blog, or just want to contact this is my LinkedIn profile Darjan Djamtovski, the email address is provided on top of the page 🙂